• River Queen and Americana products are made with only top quality nuts.

    Whether you're an athlete looking for an energy boost, a Mom packing up a lunchbox snack, or just someone who appreciates a wholesome and tasty snack, River Queen and Americana Nuts fit the bill!

    Our nuts are processed to strict product quality specifications, contain only fancy and extra fancy grades of nuts and are available in a selection of convenient sizes and varieties. Take your pick of cashews, cashew halves, peanuts, pistachios, almonds or mixed nuts and savor them in salted, lightly salted, unsalted or the popular honey roasted style.

    Our line of River Queen and Americana Nuts are fresh-roasted in pure peanut oil, high in protein and a cholesterol-free healthy snack. You'll never lack for a satisfying snack when you have River Queen or Americana Nuts on your shelf!