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In the early 20th century my grandfather, Michael Hintlian, and his siblings and cousins emigrated from Armenia and settled in the Boston area. Like all immigrants they came to this country with very little except big dreams of a better life. In 1925, my grandfather, his siblings and cousins began producing and distributing a variety of candies and mixed nuts to local Boston retailers. During the depression, the company began producing peanut butter as an affordable source of protein. Through the 1950s my grandfather grew the business based on strict adherence to the highest quality of production and customer service.

My father, James Hintlian, joined Leavitt following World War II and further expanded Leavitt’s commitment to quality. Dad positioned the Teddie brand as a household staple to the baby boomer generation. Under his leadership Teddie Peanut Butter became the number one all natural peanut butter brand in New England. He was ahead of his time in deploying modern food processing techniques and food safety standards. In Dad’s view, our business came down to trust and integrity that could only be established by an uncompromising obsession with quality. Although Dad passed away in May of 2014, the example he set inspires and guides us as we continue to honor his vision.

Today, I am humbled to lead Leavitt as the third generation Hintlian family member of our proudly New England company.

And true to our heritage, Leavitt continues to be a family-owned and operated company comprising of siblings and cousins just the same as when my grandfather led the company nearly 90 years ago. My dad, siblings, aunt, cousins and management team together with an incredible team of 100+ dedicated associates—the Teddie family—continue to be the secret ingredient to our success.

And true to my grandfather and father’s vision, we continue to be quality and safety obsessed.

    • We process our peanut butter and nuts in a state of the art facility in Everett, Massachusetts just outside Boston.
    • We are industry leaders in manufacturing processes that strictly adhere to rigorous food safety and quality standards.
    • As part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), we proudly maintain a SQF Level III food safety certification–the highest level food safety certification.
    • We deploy a “test and hold” procedure for our peanut butter that ensures every product batch that leaves our processing facility is safety tested.
    • Our Teddie Natural and Natural Organic peanut butter products are gluten-free and are 100% made in the USA.

From improbable beginnings, today Leavitt distributes Teddie Peanut Butter, Americana and River Queen mixed nuts nationwide and to more than 20 international markets. We are a top 10 national peanut butter and nut processor in the country. But most importantly, we are a family company that is humbled at the responsibility of serving your family a product of unsurpassed quality.

From our family to your family, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

Mark Hintlian
President & CEO, The Leavitt Corporation