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About Teddie

We believe three things to be true: family is important, our community is better when we all work to uplift it, and peanut butter should be simple.

The Teddie Purpose

teddie runs in the family

Michael Hintlian Michael Hintlian


Our founder makes his way to america

Michael Hintlian emigrates to America from Armenia in 1914. In 1925, he establishes The Leavitt Corporation in Boston, MA, specializing in bulk salted nuts and specialty candies.

1930 Teddie Peanut Butter Jar 1930 Teddie Peanut Butter Jar


The Great Depression

To meet the demand for low cost and highly nutritious food products during The Great Depression, we begin producing and distributing peanut butter throughout New England. By 1931, the “Teddie” brand name is established.

James T. Hintlian James T. Hintlian


Close of wwII

Jim Hintlian, son of Michael Hintlian, joins our company with a vision towards market expansion and implements the highest and strictest product quality standards. Jim becomes the President and CEO in 1955.

Original Teddie Factory Original Teddie Factory


Our New Factory

To meet growing demand, our company moves from downtown Boston, MA to Everett, MA.

PB-Jars PB-Jars


A Natural Transition

With real all-natural peanut butter an increasingly popular and important part of the diet, Teddie has become the natural choice!

Teddie Factory Workers Teddie Factory Workers


A Growing family business

In 2007, Mark Hintlian becomes President and CEO. His brother, Jamie Hintlian joins us as COO in 2018; and in 2020, Mark’s son, Alex Hintlian, joins the company to lead our technology and IT efforts. Teddie is also a family business for many of our employees who work alongside siblings, parents, spouses, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Spreading Goodness

Mark Hintlian
Tom Brady & Teddies Best Buddies Program
Best Buddies Bike Ride

Along with our commitment to producing quality, wholesome peanut butters and nuts, we’re dedicated to supporting our community in every way possible. We’re proud to work with organizations that enrich the lives of others across the globe, like Best Buddies International, the Boston Celtics, the Greater Boston Food Bank, and more.

The Teddie Purpose

Whether you’re stocking up your personal pantry or joining our stores around the world in carrying our delicious peanut butters and nuts, you can satisfy all of your Teddie product cravings here.

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