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WBUR Pays Journalistic Tribute To The Iconic Teddie Factory

Local News

April 1, 2024

Mark Hintlian standing next to brother, Jamie Hintlian in front of Teddie Peanut Butter entrance.
Left to right: Mark Hintlian (Former CEO) and Jamie Hintlian (CEO). 3rd generation grandsons of founder, Michael Hintlian.

Everett, MA – Driving into Everett on any week day of the year, you might have noticed a certain aroma in the air. For locals the freshly roasted peanut small is normal, but for non-residents who visit the area the aroma is priceless.

WBUR recently paid a visit to the Teddie Peanut Butter factory to understand the deep connection between a peanut butter company and their loyal fan base. Maybe it’s the simple ingredients of peanuts and salt, or just peanuts for the unsalted variety, or maybe it’s the lounging teddy bear on the label. Either way, Teddie is excited to be expanding in retailers throughout the country for all to enjoy our delicious all natural peanut butter.

Read the full article here, or check out other local news pieces, at www.wbur.org.


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Founded in 1925 by Armenian immigrant Michael Hintlian, The Leavitt Corporation, doing business as Teddie All Natural Peanut Butter, is now a fourth generation family business producing the leading brand of all natural peanut butter in the Northeast. Teddie is recognized for its purpose of supporting health and wellness with the best all natural peanut butter and nut products, being the best corporate citizen with a dedicated multi-generational local workforce, and giving back through substantial commitments with Best Buddies International (Michael Hintlian’s great grandson, James, who is also a Best Buddies participant, works in the factory) and community engagement with the Greater Boston Food Bank. Visit www.teddie.com to learn more.