• Teddie Peanut Butter on FOX25 Zip Trips 2015

    Teddie Peanut Butter Joins Fox25 Zip Trips 2015, Next up SALEM - At The Salem Common, 18 Washington Square West on SEPTEMBER 4. This is the last Zip Trip of 2015 so let's make it especially fun! Come out and say hi to Mark, enjoy some Teddie Peanut Butter and meet your neighbors.

  • Welcome to Teddie.com, home of Teddie Peanut Butter, River Queen and Americana nuts!

    A natural tradition since 1925, our high quality peanut butter and nuts are enjoyed throughout the world. We only use 100% fresh roasted and ground, USA grown and harvested peanuts* providing a healthy and wholesome product … from our family to yours. The Teddie Family
  • From our family to yours.
  • Virtual Tour

    The Phantom Gourmet came and did a factory tour! Take a look.
  • *Due to limited supply of USA organic peanuts we occasionally source USDA approved organic peanuts
    from South America.