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Jack’s Abby Brewing Visits the Teddie Factory

Local News

February 7, 2023

The team at Jack’s Abby paid a visit to the Teddie factory to gain some insights on the history and success of the almost 100 year old company. Rob Day, Director of Marketing for Jack’s Abby, sat down with our CEO Mark Hintlian and IT Manager, Alex Hintlian for an insightful interview. Mark Hintlian, 3rd generation and Alex Hintlian, 4th generation, of this family business, talked about how the Leavitt Corporation started as a business during the Great Depression selling candy and nuts on State Street in Boston in 1925. Fast forward to 1960 The Leavitt Corporation moved to Everett, MA and has called Everett home since. The future of Teddie peanut butter is bright. We’re inching closer and closer to the West Coast in distribution and have gained many new fans along the way. We’re excited for the future and the growth of Teddie.

To watch the full video, click here.

The Leavitt Corporation
The Leavitt Corporation is a family-owned company that distributes Teddie Peanut Butter along with mixed nuts nationwide. They also distribute to more than 20 international markets. Leavitt is a Top 10 national peanut butter and nut processor that is humbled at the responsibility of serving families a product of unsurpassed quality.